Supporting mental health & addictions care when and where it’s needed most

OTN enables access to care for more than 100,000 mental health and addiction patients annually. Patients seeking in-person appointments with a specialist may face long waits, incur travel costs and time away from their family and friends, adding unnecessary stress in their lives. Telemedicine provides a welcome relief by providing timely access to care without the need for extensive travel.


  • Telepsychiatry can be used for therapy, assessments, triage decisions, new/initial patient referrals, shared care, and discharge planning.
  • Includes primary care providers in the circle of care.
  • Increases opportunities for greater collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams.
  • To Form 1 patients and reverse Forms as required.
  • Eliminates issues around travel and wait times.
  • A greater degree of comfort and privacy for patients.


Two healthcare professionals consulting with eachother

Dr. Nina Desjardins

The practice of psychiatrist and telemedicine practitioner Dr. Nina Desjardins, B.Sc., M.D., FRCP(C)

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young girl looking at camera

Dr. Peter Braunberger

The practice of child psychiatry and telemedicine practitioner Dr. Peter Braunberger, M.D., FRCP(C)

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