Connect privately and securely in room-based systems

With OTNhub membership, you have access to over 1800 room-based video systems in hospitals, clinics and other allied health organizations to help connect Ontario to care.   You can eliminate the barriers of time and distance, by giving yourself a whole new level of convenience, efficiency and independence by videoconferencing with your peers or patients connected to OTN’s private and secure network.


An eVisit from a room-based videoconference system offers convenience and efficiency. For healthcare. For education. For access to patients and a wide network of healthcare professionals.

  • Increase the reach of your specialized services
  • Eliminate costly and time consuming long-distance travel for your patients
  • Reduce provider down-time and lost productivity due to travelling for education and/or meetings


OTN’s room-based videoconference systems enable providers in health and health-affiliated organizations to connect in three ways:

Clinical Videoconferences

  • Direct: health care provider and patient
  • Indirect: healthcare providers discussing specific patients and making a plan of care

Administrative Videoconferences

  • Team meetings between different sites. For example

Educational Videoconferences

  • Open: posted on the Learning Centre and Ncompass Calendar
  • Closed: Invited participants only


Point to point eVisit

  • Two sites only
  • Other site is always seen on monitor
  • Option to dial directly (must be scheduled)
  • Often for clinical use (consultant dials patient)

Multipoint eVisit

  • Three or more sites
  • Uses a bridge program
  • Starts and ends automatically
  • Often used for educational/administrative use


Full screen mode

  • Screen displays the person speaking
  • Default mode
  • Must mute if your site is not the presenter
  • Recommended for presentations

Multi-screen mode

  • Visual set-up where all sites are visible on the screen at the same time
  • Mode is selected by the scheduling site