PC or Mac

Connect privately and securely on your PC or Mac

With the OTNhub, you can eVisit using your personal computer (PC or Mac) that provides a similar, lower-cost, and mobile alternative to traditional room-based videoconferencing. Now you can eliminate the barriers of time and distance, by videoconferencing with your peers or patients from your PC or, Mac, connected to OTN’s private and secure network.


Conducting an eVisit using your personal computer offers you convenience, efficiency, and mobility. For healthcare. For education. For access to patients and a wide network of healthcare professionals.

  • Increase the reach of your specialized services;
  • Eliminate costly and time consuming long-distance travel for your patients;
  • Reduce provider down-time and lost productivity due to travelling for education and/or meetings; and
  • Patient care provided through OTN is billable through OHIP, at a premium.

“Personal Videoconferencing enables me to expand my practice cost-effectively.”

– Dr. Joel Isenberg, MD, FRCP(C)


OTN’s eVisit service enables you to use videoconferencing for initial and/or follow-up patient consultations from the convenience of your personal computer or laptop.

  1. The Directory feature allows you to locate telemedicine sites around the province, either by individual or institution. Once you have identified the pertinent person or organization, you can add them to a Favourites list.
  2. The Calendar feature displays by day all your pre-scheduled telemedicine events. You can change the date to review future appointments. You have an option to print the daily schedule.
  3. eVisit enables you to see patients, case-conference, participate in distance learning, and attend meetings in Ontario.


Ensure Videoconferencing Quality

To enjoy high quality videoconferencing, you need to meet the minimum technical requirements.


An eVisit using your personal computer offers self-scheduling options. An OTN representative will contact you to arrange scheduling after you sign up.

Billing OHIP

If you are a physician, you can bill OHIP for providing patient care using OTN’s video services once you have registered as an OTNhub member.