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Connect privately and securely on your iOS or Android device

With the OTNhub, we’ve made videoconferencing easier than ever. Personal Videoconferencing is a software-based service that provides a similar, lower-cost, and mobile alternative to traditional room-based videoconferencing. Now you can eliminate the barriers of time and distance, by giving yourself a whole new level of convenience, efficiency and independence by videoconferencing with your peers or patients from your iOS or Android device connected to OTN’s private and secure network.

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OTNconnect App

Healthcare professionals using OTNconnect can make and receive private and secure videoconference calls from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to anyone on the OTN network.

To get started, sign up for OTNhub and then download OTNconnect from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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Make and receive videoconference calls

Conduct patient consultations, case-conference with peers, participate in distance learning, and attend meetings.

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Search for users and systems

Find other healthcare professionals and sites using telemedicine across Ontario.

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Manage your favourites

Update your list, see contact details, and make videoconference calls.