More information on the VidyoWeb Plugin

Supported Browsers for Videoconferencing

OTNhub requires you to install a VidyoWeb plugin to enable videoconferencing. Unfortunately, not all browsers support the required plugin. To enable videoconferencing, access the OTNhub using the following browsers:

  • On a PC, please use Internet Explorer 11*
  • On a Mac, please use Safari 11 or prior

*If using Microsoft Edge, please click the three dots (…) on the top-right hand corner of the screen and select “Open with Internet Explorer”

Need Help Installing the Plugin?

For detailed instructions on installing the VidyoWeb plugin, please take a look at this brief video. Please contact OTN Technical Support if you have any additional questions at 1-855-654-0888.

About the VidyoWeb Plugin

OTNhub’s video transmission functionality requires that a compatible version of the VidyoWeb plugin be installed on the computer used to access OTNhub.

The VidyoWeb plugin enables you to join videoconference calls, share content and attending multi-user events. The VidyoWeb plugin is distributed directly by Vidyo, Inc. under an End User License Agreement, a copy of which is available at

Use of OTNhub is subject to the OTNhub User Agreement, a copy of which is available at