OTN eConsult Pilot
User Agreement

OTN is engaging in a pilot project that will see the creation of an eConsult web-based application, business processes, and related service infrastructure (the “Pilot”). This application will enable healthcare professionals to more efficiently exchange patient health information with one another, electronically request advice from one another, and better coordinate the care of their patients. OTN is introducing this Pilot in order to facilitate gathering user feedback on the eConsult application. The phases of the eConsult Pilot will be used to inform future enhancements.

  1. In connection with the eConsult application Pilot phases, OTN will provide:
    1. access to the eConsult application which will enable secure, on-line consultations between health care professionals;
    2. access to training and educational materials that will allow eConsult application users to properly participate in their role(s) during the eConsult Pilot; and,
    3. the opportunity for the users to give feedback on the eConsult application.
  2. The OTN eConsult application Pilot will extend between November 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015.
  3. As an independent user, healthcare provider or an employee or contracted worker of an organization participating in OTN’s eConsult application Pilot at a member site (“my site”), I wish to have access to the OTN eConsult application during the Pilot. I also acknowledge that, in doing so, I will have access to and handle personal health information (“PHI”) as defined in the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (“PHIPA”).
    In connection with the foregoing, I acknowledge and agree that in addition to the ‘Privacy Statement’ and the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ of the OTNhub appended to this User Agreement, by clicking on the “I agree” button below, I agree that:

    1. To the extent that my site is a health information custodian or that I am a health information custodian under PHIPA, and when using the OTN eConsult application and associated processes, systems and/or services, I will not disclose any confidential information or personal health information except in accordance with PHIPA or other applicable laws, regulations or standards;
    2. I am responsible for obtaining and managing patient consent in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations or standards and as such it my responsibility to notify the appropriate health care provider should a patient withhold some information and/or withdraw consent;
    3. The OTN eConsult application does not provide functionality to support withdrawal of consent (i.e. “Lock Box”) functionality;
    4. The OTN eConsult application is not intended to function as a persistent patient record and that PHI held in the eConsult database will not be retained longer than necessary for the purpose of conducting eConsults, but at a minimum will be retained for the duration of the eConsult Pilot;
    5. I will limit the collection of patient information to that which is necessary during the creation and processing of eConsult information, images and/or video files and copy and securely transfer sufficient information from the OTN eConsult application to meet all legal requirements for storing and retaining patient records;
    6. Prior to using the OTN eConsult application I will read and abide by all relevant OTN remote training, policies, procedures, user guides, technical readiness guide, best practices or other directives made available from time to time concerning the OTN eConsult application, and any related OTN member or user agreement(s), a copy of which is available at https://otn.ca/en/eConsult-help;
    7. OTN shall collect personal information including names, phone numbers, OHIP billing numbers and email addresses of all eConsult application Users for the purpose of creating user profiles within the OTNhub directory, the eConsult application, enabling OHIP billing processes where applicable, and validating the identity of Users calling for OTN technical support. This information shall only be shared or distributed as appropriate with other Users of the eConsult application according to the requirements of the eConsult application. OTN shall seek consent prior to any use of User information for other purposes;
    8. The eConsult application is generally intended to be accessible twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, subject to downtime for maintenance and other factors beyond the control of OTN and this agreement;
    9. OTN’s Customer Care Center hours of operation are from 07:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday. OTN’s Customer Care Center is accessible to Users through a toll-free telephone number (1-866-454-6861, option 1). The OTN Customer Care Center is the single point of contact for User access and can help Users diagnose and resolve technical issues regarding eConsult, including coordinating and executing service requests pertaining to the eConsult application;
    10. Designated OTN Customer Care Support and technical personnel may have limited access to PHI stored on the eConsult production server and as such are bound by OTN’s confidentiality agreement, relevant legislative requirements and have received enhanced privacy and security training;
    11. I will participate in related/required OTN endorsed eConsult application remote training and/or feedback opportunities;
    12. As part of registering to use the OTN eConsult application, I will provide accurate and complete account information to OTN and/or to eHealth Ontario’s ONEID service and will thereafter inform OTN and/or eHealth Ontario’s ONEID service in a timely manner of any changes to that information;
    13. I will comply with OHIP registration for telemedicine providers through OTN to bill OHIP for my professional services;
    14. My account may be locked by OTN if there is no use of my account for a period of three (3) months and that I must contact and receive approval from the OTN Customer Care Center (through the toll free number posted on the OTN website) should I wish my account to be re-activated after it has been locked;
    15. I will protect and not allow anyone to use my OTN eConsult application and/or eHealth Ontario ONEID user identification and password;
    16. I will contact OTN’s Customer Care Center at my first available opportunity if my user identification or password is compromised or is suspected of being compromised, or if my use of the OTN eConsult is no longer required;
    17. I will promptly contact both OTN’s privacy officer at privacy@otn.ca and my organizations privacy officer upon first learning of the possibility of unauthorized use or disclosure of any personal health information related to the OTN eConsult application (including any eConsult related patient database);
    18. I will only use the OTN eConsult application for the purpose of rendering healthcare related services;
    19. I will not use the OTN eConsult application as a means of communicating with patients or clients;
    20. I will not to attempt to disable, ‘hack’ or otherwise interfere with the proper functioning of the OTN eConsult application;
    21. I will use the OTN eConsult application according to the acceptable use and reasonable security standards and safeguards within my organization, which should incorporate the following best practices recommended by OTN:
      1. Deploy appropriate firewall and other electronic protection for computers and mobile devices to minimize the risks of unauthorized system or data modification or access, or loss or theft of data;
      2. Connect computers to an uninterruptable power supply.
      3. Electronically lock computers and mobile devices when unattended or not in use;
      4. Physically secure computers when unattended, whether in locked and secure premises, attached to a heavy object or out of sight, as appropriate;
      5. Secure all confidential data, especially when working in a mobile work environment;
      6. Use strong passwords in accordance with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario orders and industry standards;
      7. Change passwords with access to confidential information (including personal information) regularly (e.g. every six months);
      8. Never share credentials (e.g. user name, password and PIN) with anyone (even if they are trusted colleagues, family members, or support technicians) and must be protected at all times (e.g. not written down and stored where they are easy to find);
      9. Never include credentials in an email. “Phishing” scams are very common and use apparently legitimate emails to obtain user login credentials for criminal purposes;
      10. Never copy, save or export eConsult application confidential information (e.g. personal health information) onto unencrypted portable devices such as smart phones, USB flash keys, recordable CDs/DVDs, or external hard drives;
    22. I give permission for OTN, or a third party retained for this purpose, to collect my feedback on my use of the eConsult application via the application, interviews, or surveys and to record and use this feedback in its reports on the eConsult Pilot;
    23. My failure to adhere to this user agreement will result in the withdrawal of access privileges to the OTN eConsult application; and,
    24. This user agreement incorporates the provisions of the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions, available on the OTNhub, available at: