Northern Health Travel Grant

When you go the distance, your patients don’t have to.

When Northern Ontario patients need to travel for specialized medical care, it can represent a significant personal and economic burden. See how telemedicine can make a difference.

Telemedicine is an efficient and effective way for Ontario’s specialists to reach out to patients anywhere in the province. It’s a fast and easy way to improve access to services and eliminate travel for both patients and specialists. Join the thousands of specialists, family physicians, nurses and allied health professionals who are already going the distance for better patient care.

Not because you need more patients, but because more patients need you.

Did you know?

  • In 2012/13, use of telemedicine resulted in an estimated $60M in avoided costs charged to the Northern Health Travel Grant
  • Last year, patients avoided an estimated 238 million km worth of travel by using telemedicine

Consider virtual care in the following situations:

  • A patient requires travel to get a specialist consult, assessment or follow-up appointment
  • A Northern Health Travel Grant Application is needed for financial assistance
  • Wait-times are a barrier to timely care